The scaled offerings of GMS Local are designed to increase consumer engagement for your brand(s) across all locations – whether it’s 100 or 10,000 stores. These solutions are designed to layer, based on your business needs, from an a-la-carte model to a comprehensive program to help you reach and remain engaged with your consumers.

Services include:

Business Listing Management

Managing and optimizing your online business listing(s) is the foundation of your Local efforts. Your online local listing provides the key elements that enable a consumer to connect with your business, including business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website, etc. When a consumer conducts a search with Local intent, the related business listing is contained within the organic search result of Google, Bing and other important destinations. Having incorrect or inconsistent information on your listing establishes a poor impression and can lead to a missed opportunity. This touch point is sometimes the only shot you will get with that customer.

GMS Local believes that listing management is the necessary and critical foundation of a strong local search strategy.  We have developed a process to manage listings more effectively and efficiently for advertisers with numerous locations.

Our approach will ensure your listings are:

  1. Accurate – ensuring every single listing has the right information a consumer would need
  2. Claimed – so only we can modify them on your behalf
  3. Ubiquitous – across the breadth of online destinations in the local space
  4. Optimized – keyword optimization and enriched content will improve your organic ranking and enhance the consumer experience
  5. Updated and tracked – to show an initial baseline for your listings both at an aggregated and individual level is provided. This is followed by several iterations of reports that quantify how your listings are being updated across the ecosystem as well as progress reports on organic rankings

Effective Listing Management Yields Incremental Revenues
The GMS Local listing management process delivers tangible results for your business. In a recent case study involving a gift card promotion for a major restaurant client, significant performance improvements were achieved in listing positioning in the organic space and click-throughs attributed from the listing. This resulted in significant revenue increases in just a three-month period and included:

  • 100% increase in local listings ranked #1 in organic search
  • 3X increase in click-throughs from listing
  • Nearly 40X increase in gift card revenues of $20,000/month

Location Intelligence

As a national advertiser, you may have become conditioned to monitor the pulse of your brand in the social space. Whether it is how many corporate fans you have on Facebook or trends on what consumers are saying about your product, brand intelligence via social monitoring is a critical component of your marketing approach.

Now imagine the power of being able to extend this knowledge to individual locations.  Do you know if a consumer has a good or poor experience at one of your stores after they post it on Facebook or review their experience on Yelp?  And specific to your business, can you guarantee the return of a customer after an experience if you have no visibility of it to begin with?

Location intelligence is a blind spot for most national advertisers; therefore, GMS Local has developed a comprehensive and scaled Location Intelligence tool that will enable you to efficiently and effectively diagnose and manage consumer sentiment for key digital properties at aggregated and individual site levels.

We can customize reports based on your organization structure so you can properly gauge how regions, cities and/or select stores are being perceived.  What are your top 10 performing stores? Which stores are in the bottom 10?  If you use established sales metrics these are relatively easy questions to answer but if you dig deeper into perceptions and attitudes will you find the same story? These questions can be addressed, seamlessly, to enable you to:

  • Develop more targeted messages, offers and deals to the consumer based on their experience at a local level while eliminating the waste of doing it at a national level.
  • Utilize Location Intelligence as a management tool to reward strong performance in the social space and identify opportunities for community activation to improve engagement with your brand.
You can learn more about GMS Local Location Intelligence by clicking here.

Local Content Distribution

In addition to scalable intelligence solutions, GMS Local offers content management capabilities that enable distribution of content to local Facebook pages, brand web sites, etc.  With so many different locations, you might be wondering if it is possible to ensure brand consistency of promotions and messages along with an acceptable frequency of site updates across various digital properties.  A recent TMP study revealed that of consumers who follow a local store’s Facebook page, 74 percent of them expect to see regular posts and 78 percent desire frequent promotions.  Relying on store managers, particularly those who are franchisees, to manage this type of information can be problematic given their day-to-day management activities.  With GMS Local we are able to manage this on your behalf with digital assets and content that you own.  The result is greater brand consistency across your local businesses and a richer experience for your consumers.

Performance-based Local Search

GMS Local Performance-based Search combines the best of what SEM and SEO have to offer to drive conversions to your individual locations.  We develop customized direct response landing pages for each of your locations that are optimized with strategic generic keywords and reside within your site environment. The results? A more preferred position in the organic results for searches with local intent driving to a more desired local response on your brand site. When a consumer clicks through to the performance-based enhanced landing pages, a discounted CPC is applied based on the family of keywords used in our campaign.  The beauty of our approach is that this CPC is fixed.  There is no auction with its risk of inflation or price fluxuation.  The benefit to you?  Incremental consumer engagement opportunities at a discounted CPC with cost certainty.