Managing and optimizing your business listings can be challenging.
With effective listing management, your business can overcome potentially harmful barriers.

Perception vs. Execution: Examination of Brands’ Local Business Strategies Reveals Gaps To Act On

New, proprietary research from GMS Local explores the future state of local online advertising for national brands with more than 500 brick and mortar locations. The research uncovers that brands have yet to align their spend habits with the right local digital vehicles. In addition to breaking down the behavior trends of advertisers, the white paper includes a blueprint to help brands assess their local digital strategy and the three key areas for immediate action.

Perception vs. Execution: Examination of Brands’ Local Business Strategies Reveals Gaps to Act On – GMS Loc…

What Google’s Purchase of Zagat Means for Local

Google’s recent purchase of Zagat fills an interesting hole for Google in that it represents a professional content acquisition for a company that has, historically, only been about organizing the information created by others.  What does this mean for brands?  Learn More

Google Places Shifts Content Strategy

On Thursday, Aug. 22, the world of local online marketing came to a screeching halt (again) as Google made an announcement (again) of an update to Google Places pages (again).  Typically, Google making changes to Places rarely warrants much discussion beyond the immediate cosmetic impact this usually entails.  Learn More >>

Impacting Consumer Engagement in Local Search with Business Listings

Your online local business listing provides the key elements that enable a consumer to connect with your business.  As a national advertiser, managing and optimizing your listings across thousands of locations in a fragmented local online space is a significant challenge.  Our point of view is that effective listing management is the foundation of local online marketing. You can overcome these barriers with GMS Local and build a strong foundation for your local businesses.
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